Our Experts

Excellent training comes from excellent Instructors

Our trainers are industry seasoned experienced professionals, who are acknowledged experts within their fields. Teaching is therefore from a basis of experience, not from theory. This real-world experience sets ERS apart in the world of training and enables our classes to be much more versatile than other companies.

George Blair is a Director of Eurotek Refining Services Ltd and a Senior Refinery Process Consultant with experience in key refining process operations, design, sales, training and coaching. He has worked for various divisions of BP, UOP and Exxon/Mobil over a 30-year career. Within BP he was Technology Co-ordinator in Europe and Senior FCC Consultant overseeing FCC Technology worldwide. Within Exxon/Mobil he was a consultant Engineer for European refineries in the area of FCC and Section Head of the Refinery Technical Service Group (Fawley Refinery). George has a B. Sc Hons. in Chemical Engineering and Management Studies from Loughborough University and a Diploma in Industrial Studies Loughborough University.

George gives the ERS FCC Training Course.

Lee Bamon is a Consultant for an International catalyst manufacturing company, with over 40 years experience in a wide range of chemical, refinery and petrochemical processes. He has worked for various companies including Dow Corning, Exxon and Stone & Webster, on the commissioning of units, including fluidised bed reactors, cryogenic LNG plants and ethylene crackers. As Technical Manager with Engelhard (now BASF), he supervised the commissioning and troubleshooting of all the licensed processes for the company, covering catalytic reforming, C5 and C6 isomerisation, oxidation and hydroprocessing operations, worldwide. When Lee became Senior Sales Manager for the same company, his expertise extended to include FCC catalysis. For a number of years, his work as a Consultant has been in the FCC, catalytic Reforming areas, as well as an advisor for the Insurance Industry. Lee attended the University of Wales, where he gained a C & G in Chemical Operations and Engineering.

Lee gives the ERS Catalytic Reforming Course.

John Bauld has 40 years experience in Refinery Operation, Technical Support, Training and Management. He is a Chemical Engineer from Strathclyde University, Scotland. In the former Mobil refinery near London, England he progressed through Plant Engineer for numerous processes and projects to Shift Supervisor and Plant Supervisor/ Area Manager roles. After moving to Exxon Engineering, he guided on-going operations in European refineries. He has been instrumental in reducing capital and operating costs and in improving plant reliability through innovation and training, particularly in Hydroprocessing, Reforming, Gas Treating and Sulphur Recovery. He has extensive experience in design, economic evaluation and licensor/ contractor selection, start up, troubleshooting, training and mentoring activities with Mobil, Exxon & Licensees and KBC Process Consultants. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (UK).

John gives the ERS Hydrocrackingand HydrotreatingCourse.

Bill Bridgens has 35 years experience in the petrochemical industry. Bill graduated with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, London and his initial career was with Exxon Fawley refinery as process engineer, then supervisor & manager of operating plants, including two major turnarounds. In the last 25 years he worked in process safety, advising refineries, chemical plants and fuels terminals around the world on both operational and technical safety issues as well as fire protection. Bill has participated in more than 30 company external assessments of operations integrity management systems at different refineries all over the world. He has conducted various Operational and Technical safety courses, including Handling Fires and Emergencies courses and has developed global training modules on Refinery and Chemical Plant Operational Safety topics, aimed at sustaining knowledge of historical incidents within the workforce. Particular areas of interest and expertise include operations integrity management systems, operational safety, vapour cloud explosions, blast protection, static electricity, qualitative risk assessments, fire protection, emergency response and historical incidents.

Bill gives the ERS Process Safety Course.

Stuart Fraser was formerly head of the Separations Group in BP Refining for 13 years, and worked in a number of process engineering, simulation and technical roles in BP for over 30 years.  He has extensive experience of distillation design, revamps, troubleshooting and optimisation.  He is also an expert user of simulation tools.  Stuart was formerly a member of FRI Technical Committee, and also Vice Chair of IChemE Fluid Separations subject group.   Stuart  graduated with a BSc in Chemical Engineering  and is a member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Stuart gives the ERS Distillation Debottlenecking & Optimisation Course.

Dr. Michael Heisel is general manager of ITS Reaktortechnik GmbH with experience in environmental protection, refining, engineering and contracting. He has 30 years experience in Claus design and operation. He also invented two new sulphur recovery processes which won Kirkpatrick Awards for being among the worldwide best novel processes introduced in the chemical industry. Michael received his diploma and PhD from the Technical University of Munich. He holds many patents in the fields of gas synthesis and purification. A number of the major chemical and EPC companies are his licensees.

Michael gives the ERS Sulphur Recovery Course

John Metcalfe's first career was with ExxonMobil for 33 years. He was involved in Planning & Scheduling and Configuration Studies for much of that time, at refinery, regional and corporate levels and for the last 15 years had a global role specialising in Refinery Optimisation and Profitability. Then followed 5 years with UOP, during which time their Consulting business was grown into a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East and the FSU. John has more recently been Group Manager in the expanding team at Jacobs Consultancy's London office, helping to grow their involvement in refining, chemical and petrochemical consulting for the financial, investment and operating community in Europe, FSU, Africa and the Middle East. He is now a director of Gatesbury Consulting Ltd and continues to specialise in grass-roots and revamp configuration studies for refining and petrochemical investment projects.

John gives the ERS Refining Economics Course

Dr Zoran Milosevic is a Principal Consultant and an oil refinery specialist at KBC Process Technology, where he is responsible for development of KBC technology and services in the refinery energy conservation area. Zoran has 35 years of experience in refinery operation, process design and consulting. He is a Chemical Engineer from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania ( US) and a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical EngineersHe also a Teaching Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey.  His main professional expertise is the optimisation of process plant operation with emphasis on profitability improvement and energy saving in oil refineries.  In his 22 years with KBC, he has conducted over 60 such margin improvement studies and energy conservation programs worldwide. He has taught at various institutions and has presented numerous training courses on energy efficiency, Pinch Technology, energy efficient process design, and global energy.

Zoran gives the ERS Energy Course


Martin Murphy has over 35 years experience in the oil refining and allied industries from design, troubleshooting, operation and optimisation of both fuels and lubes processes as well as catalysis manufacture and application. He has worked throughout the world in Exploration and Refining with ExxonMobil and BP, has started up and managed technical service departments, started up many FCCUs including ones at ExxonMobil, Total and Repsol. He spent several years at ExxonMobil sites implementing non-investment operating improvements. While at BASF he managed new catalyst development programmes in Reforming and FCC as well as streamlining FCC catalyst production at one of their manufacturing plants. He was the founder of Global Technology Forum, the organisers of the ERTC and ARTC series of Conferences. He holds patents in fractionation and conversion processes and has authored several papers on operational analysis of conversion processes and catalysis. Martin is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Energy Institute. He graduated in Chemical Engineering from University College Dublin, Ireland. He is also a PADI open water scuba instructor.


Martin gives the ERS Introduction to Refining Course

 Dr. Bernhard Schreiner obtained his PhD in Chemistry at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, in 1991. He then started to work at Linde AG, first in the R&D department of the engineering group specialising on gas processing plants, mainly for gas desulphurisation. These activities included start-up assistance and pilot plant operation. Over the last 11 years Bernhard has been project manager with Linde Gas, in the field of gas applications in the chemical process industry.

Bernhard gives the ERS Sulphur Recovery Course

Philip Thornthwaite has over 22 years in the refining and petrochemical industry with extensive experience in product & process development, technical support and sales management. Phil is Industry Technical Consultant with Nalco Champion in Cheshire, UK. He is responsible for the provision of technical support to Customers in the EAME region and working within the RFM division of Nalco Champion on the implementation of new technologies and Best Practices. Earlier in his career Phil was responsible for technical support (lab and field) on the management of key projects to major customers such as ExxonMobil, Shell, ConocoPhillips, ChevronTexaco and Total. Phil has an MSc in Process Technology & Management and a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry.


Phil gives the ERS Nalco Champion Desalter Course